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Spacesheep is a film production company based in France and Switzerland. Since its foundation in Annecy, the company is concerned with concept planning and realisation of animated movie, production in 3D and 2D, as well as visual effects for advertisement, corporate movie, cinema and TV.

Due to their company structure. Spacesheep team is able to offer the entire production process as each level. Moreover, the individual production stages, such as art direction, motion design or 3D modeling and animation.
And the company also supports their customers in the field of story and projects development with their creative and logistic services and trough consulting for planning and management of movie projetcs.


"Some want that to happen, others would like it to happen, and others make it happen."

Michael Jordan
In order to establish a precise specifications, the studio offers a free service of diagnosis to realize your video content projects.
You will be accompanied by our art directors and technical supervisors who ensure the continuity creative and visual style of the film throughout its manufacturing process.

Your values and your investment will be worn by the determination and virtuosity of our designers, who will make a point of honor to deliver the best images possible at present.

Today Spacesheep supports the development of your scenario, and oversee your project from its writing and preparation of the shooting to music recording and editing. Through close collaboration with the production team you will have the opportunity to follow in full transparency your film production.
Our studio gather to understand technical, human and even financial support for the production of your project. During the manufacturing processes and our exchanges, years of experience of our directors and department heads will be a real advantage to benefit from all artistic and technical solutions to optimize the budget.

"A movie is made three times : once when it is written, again when it’s shot, and a third time in postproduction."

Francis Ford Coppola
Based on the design of storyboards and treated artistic viewpoints Spacesheep is able to handle the entire chain of production up to the sharpest special effects.
From a simple delivery or Fx supervision of filming, our designers work on your images with the greatest expertise.
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