Production : Spacesheep

Date : 2017

Type : Fan Art

Online :


For Spacesheep, the work and talent of Péah are unanimously a huge breath of fresh air which raises the deep desire to highlight his world. Made partly under his direction this project is a small exercise in style that allowed us to enjoy integrated 3d animation in live action shots. For sure Smokey Town is a far richer and more ambitious project that undoubtedly deserves a good film or television adaptation.


Production : Spacesheep
Dop : Alban Nieroz
Storyboard : Charles Dauphin
Concept art : Pierre Antoine Moelo
Supervising : Guillaume Briet
Modeling : Chloé Valette, Lou Champier, Thais Beausse, Alexander Ingram, Marylou Babey, Claire Cartier, Hugo Batonnet
Texturing : Marylou Babey, Lou Champier
Rigging : Jérôme Trannoy
Layout : Camille Boto
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Lighting : Pauline Doublier
Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Mick Ungerer
Music : Adrien Metzger

1. Case Study

Our first intention was only to create small imaginary characters in volume, and it tooks a greater scale when we decided to intagrate them into a specific environment more representative of their universe.

2. Result

Finally the animation work was presented as obvious for the purpose of this exercise of style. We then took the liberty of interpreting the environment with live action shots.

3. Experience

In full autoproduction and having only the requirements of our ambition, this little film appears rather like a research, our work concentrates rather on 3d and behavioral approach of the characters in their environment.

Making of

Our approach ultimately being oriented towards a visual quality of embedded characters, our manufacturing process also required a more sophisticated implementation with 3D elements. So without completely disregarding Péah's universe, we briefly developed the sets and other useful accessories to enrich the character's environment.